12-26 -2022
Best Pairs of Moisture

The bamboo thon keep you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable

12-21 -2022
Choosing the right underwear can make all the difference

Need to restock your underwear drawer after reading? Cynthia has handpicked a few pieces that align with these tips.

12-12 -2022
why the women thong have little bows on the front

The history of the lady thong with bow and some good thong recommendation.

12-07 -2022
The Whale Tail Thong Trend

The whale tailed thongs have become a favorite of Y2K, which has embraced sexy thongs over classic panties

11-30 -2022
5 Seriously Soft And Silky-Smooth Panties On December

5 Seriously Soft And Silky-Smooth Panties For Diefferent Enviroment In December

09-26 -2022
Why Do Women Wear Bras?

There are many reasons for women to wear bras. I will share three reasons why girls wear bras. One of the reasons why women wear bras is to enhance their temperament, show a sense of luxury, and the need for fashionable styling. The second reason why women wear bras is to support and gather. The third reason why women wear bras is to wear underwear outside, which itself is also a part of fashion. Let's talk about it in detail.

09-22 -2022
Why Do Some Women Like To Wear "Thongs"? Is It Tood For The Body?

Thongs are a kind of underwear that is more popular for women. The advantages and disadvantages are obvious, so you should consider it clearly when choosing. So, what are the pros and cons of wearing a thong?

09-21 -2022
Are Lace Underwear Any Good?

Because underwear is a woman's second skin, it feels very good. Underwear containing lace material is often the first choice for women because of its comfortable texture. This kind of underwear will give people a strong visual impact.

09-20 -2022
Recommended Underwear For You To Buy

It is suggested that female friends should pay attention to the cleaning and sanitation of their private parts in their daily life. After all, there are tens of thousands of bacteria and feces on women's underwear every day. I warn female friends that the cleaning of underwear must not be lazy and must be carried out every day. Wash and don't leave the panties overnight, or a lot of bacteria can grow and make cleaning difficult.

09-17 -2022
What Are The Characteristics Of Physiological Underwear

What are the characteristics of women's physiological underwear. Are underpants really useful? Physiological underpants, as the name suggests, are underwear worn during the menstrual period. The design of physiological underpants is an elastic band extending from the crotch of the underwear to the back waist to reduce the sliding of the sanitary napkin and keep the crotch breathable. sex

09-16 -2022
Women's Bra Is Divided Into Several Styles

Women's underwear has regular style, no size, tube top, front button/beautiful back, hole cup, vest, etc. The so-called conventional bra refers to the traditional style with shoulder straps, and the tube top is strapless and has no size. The style refers to the one that can be intelligently adjusted according to the chest shape. The beautiful back or front buckle can beautify the back and chest. The hole cups are generally of similar design and there will be many delicate and small holes. The vest is usually similar to sports underwear. In addition to the styles that can be distinguished, thickness, cups, designs, etc. can also be distinguished.

09-14 -2022
What Is The Difference Between Seamless Underwear And Ordinary Underwear?

There are two main differences between seamless underwear and ordinary underwear. First, the process is different. The seamless underwear is integrally formed, while the ordinary underwear is spliced ​​together, so the former cannot see the wiring, while the latter does; the second is the wearing experience. Different seamless underwear is more comfortable to wear, and it will not have edge marks. Ordinary underwear may have edge marks, which is sometimes embarrassing.

09-09 -2022
Why Do Girls Have To Wear Underwear? There Are So Many Types Of Underwear Online, How To Choose?

Aside from the spiritual packaging of various capitalisms, let’s talk about how to choose girls’ underwear from my personal understanding and the products I have handled in the underwear industry in the past few years. First, let's answer a question:

09-07 -2022
Why Choose Us And The Advantages Of Working With Us

Jin Fangni Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. It has a factory with more than 100 employees and a total area of 4,000 square meters. He has more than 29 years of practical experience in making women's bras, panties, thongs and lingerie. It has close cooperation with many brands, such as shein, kayser, knotty, etc.

09-03 -2022
How To Choose The Right Thong

Not all women like thongs, and not all women are suitable for wearing thongs. So before deciding to buy it, you should discuss it with your lover. It is best to choose T-pants with your favorite woman. It is a very romantic thing.

09-01 -2022
Beware Of Three Taboos When Buying Sexy Lingerie

Now many people will try erotic underwear in pursuit of a better sexual experience. So do you know how to choose sexy lingerie?

08-31 -2022
How To Buy Erotic Lingerie

Erotic lingerie is a subdivision of the underwear category. At present, it has a huge market space and a huge customer base. It is favored by fashionable and cool people and people who are passionate about life. So how to buy erotic underwear?

09-05 -2022
How Much Do You Know About The 4 Secrets Of Girls' Underwear? Women Don't Necessarily Understand

Women are definitely a special group in the world. They have menstruation every month, but their bodies will not be damaged, they will become healthier, and they can reproduce offspring. Such a miraculous and great responsibility falls on women. body. A woman looks weak, but hides a huge energy.

08-17 -2022
The Best Bra Panty Set Recommendation

Every summer, women will face a headache: how to wear underwear and how to choose? In other words, it takes a lot of courage to put on clothes in hot weather, not to mention a close-fitting and tight-fitting underwear? It's such a relief to take it off every time I get home from get off work, it really needs a proper underwear to save it!

08-15 -2022
A Must-see For Beginners - A Guide To Choosing Erotic Lingerie

Let’s talk today: why do we wear sexy lingerie, and how to choose sexy lingerie. "I want to change myself to try erotic lingerie, but I'm afraid it will backfire and be pointed out." "Can wearing erotic lingerie do anything?"

08-12 -2022
What Is The Best Fabric For Women's Underwear

As intimate clothing, underwear is also an item that needs to be worn for a long time. If the fabric material is not up to standard, discomfort is the second, and even more serious harm to health.

08-11 -2022
Erotic Lingerie Is Good For Marriage

I believe that everyone who has come here knows sexy underwear. When a woman wears sexy underwear, it will greatly stimulate the male hormones in men and make men lustful. Make sex more violent, but many people don't know much about the role of erotic underwear. Next, the editor will introduce the role of sexy underwear and the styles of sexy underwear for your reference.

08-08 -2022
Why Do Some Women Like To Wear Thongs?

The thong was driven by models due to the prevalence of thin, close-fitting clothing on the catwalk. With the arrival of summer, the time to wear light clothes has increased, and the psychological need to remove embarrassing marks makes more girls choose thongs. Thongs are no longer just to remove embarrassment, but more of a sexy decoration. Below, let's take a look together.

08-06 -2022
Why Do Girls Like Lace Panties

Are girls who like lace panties very open? What is the character of a girl who likes to wear lace panties?

08-04 -2022
Why Do Women Sometimes Need To Take Off Their bras? Do This For Your Health

As we all know, bra is one of the underwear used by women, its function is to cover and support the breasts. Bras are women's intimate clothing and are worn almost every day. Underwear can not only reflect the sexy charm of women, but also an important guarantee for breast health. However, some people will think that if you don't wear underwear, your chest will easily sag, so you should wear underwear without leaving your body. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong, and taking off the bra in time is beneficial to health. So, when is the best time to take off your bra?

08-01 -2022
Why Do Women Like To Wear Bras

Bras are worn to provide external support for the breasts, increasing comfort and mobility. Women's breasts are mostly fatty tissue, with some ligaments and skin providing internal support. But these supports are sometimes not enough to support the breasts (especially in older women) or keep them from moving, causing pain and discomfort. The main reason for wearing a bra is to provide external support for the breasts, increasing comfort and mobility.

07-29 -2022
8 Erotic Lingerie That Tease Your Hormones

In order to make sex more interesting, we always try to improve the fun of sex, and erotic underwear is one of the most commonly used flirting methods for women. A sexy lingerie can not only make women more attractive, but also add endless fun to sex life.

07-27 -2022
The Purchase And Main Points Of Women's Erotic Underwear

Erotic lingerie is more than just a piece of underwear for women. It can regulate the relationship with your partner and increase the warmth and fun of love. So it is very important to choose a suitable erotic lingerie

07-25 -2022
What Does Women's Underwear Do?

The importance of women's underwear is not only to protect privacy. Women's underwear includes underwear and bras, but it most directly refers to the bra part. After all, men also wear underwear, so it will not specifically refer to women's underwear. Bras are very important to women and can protect the breasts. For women’s breasts, the most direct contact is underwear. How to wear underwear is the most appropriate. Wearing the right underwear can protect the health of the breasts. The impact is very large.

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