How Much Do You Know About The 4 Secrets Of Girls' Underwear? Women Don't Necessarily Understand

2022-09-05 16:00

For them, there are also confusing problems. If they are not careful, some gynecological diseases may occur. Therefore, they must learn to protect themselves in life, especially some hidden parts. The appearance of underwear protects their bodies. Great help, so do you know a few secrets about women's sexy cotton underwear?sexy cotton underwear

How much do you know about the 4 secrets of girls' cotton cheeky underwear? Women don't necessarily understand

Although the close-fitting underwear can block the invasion of bacteria from the outside, there is no way to avoid the internal dirt. This small piece of cloth is covered with some urine, feces, reproductive tract secretions, sweat, and sebum, parasitic on the vulva. various pathogens, Escherichia coli carried in feces and their metabolic wastes, etc.

In a word, underwear is very dirty, so you should pay more attention to changing it frequently and regularly.

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Does scalding panties in boiling water kill all germs?

If the best underwear for women is scalded with boiling water, some bacteria may be killed, but not all bacteria will be killed. If this is the case, there will be no high temperature sterilization in clinical practice.

When washing underwear, scalding with boiling water will only kill some bacteria, and some high temperature resistant ones may not be killed. Therefore, after cleaning, remember to expose it to the sun, through the ultraviolet rays in the sun, to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection, and reduce the situation of cross infection.

How often should seamless knickers be washed to be healthy?

According to relevant statistics, each of us has some fecal residues around the anus every day. After continuous activities, these fecal residues and secretion residues are mixed with each other. If you want to make your underwear more clean, just To do frequent washing.

Try to change new underwear every day, this is not hypocritical, but responsible for your own health, completely prevent bacteria from multiplying, and also better protect your health.

How to choose healthier underwear?

Choose light-colored seamless cotton underwear

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Usually when buying underwear, try to choose some light colors. Many people like some dark underwear, but they ignore that these colors are dyed with dyes. There are many kinds of chemical substances, and some of them contain some toxicity. . Therefore, when choosing underwear, try to choose light colors.

Choose a breathable material

When choosing underwear, you also need to pay attention to the material of the underwear. It is recommended to choose some pure cotton and breathable. Such underwear has advantages in terms of softness, moisture absorption and heat dissipation, and is the most comfortable to wear. At the same time, the pure cotton material has good air permeability and will not cause local humidity and heat, which can better prevent the growth of bacteria.

How long do you need to throw away your underwear?

But after a period of time, although we have been paying attention to diligence and thrift, and many people are constantly promoting this spirit, it is not practical for close-fitting underwear. The newly bought underwear is relatively fluffy and has good breathability and elasticity. The fibers inside will fall off and break, and the material will become harder and harder, resulting in a decrease in its breathability and comfort.

With the passage of time, there will be some bacteria and microorganisms on the underwear that cannot be completely removed. Under the normal frequency of use, usually about three months, it is necessary to perform a major exchange of the underwear and buy new ones. more healthy.

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