09-13 -2023
Fashionable Animal Print Panty | Leopard Print, Zebra Print

Animal prints have always been in the spotlight and have been popular in the fashion industry for a long time. We now have plenty of wild and sexy designs using our high quality fabrics and animal prints. You can also communicate your own design needs to us, using our fabrics and accessories, customize your own brand of exclusive styles.

08-21 -2023
Fabric Catalog Of Milk Fabric | Properties, How its Made and Application

Milk fabric is made from casein in milk. The pH of milk fiber fabric is similar to that of human skin and has antibacterial properties. Milk fabric is included in the list of sustainable fabrics suitable for use in underwear production.

08-18 -2023
Fabric Catalog Of Cotton | Properties, How its Made and Types

There are four different kinds of cotton used to make cotton fabrics. In addition, there are several sub-varieties of cotton fabrics made from these plant species, which are highly regarded for their excellent breathability, lightness, softness, stretch, durability, and water absorption.

08-01 -2023
Fabric Catalog Of Lace | Properties, How its Made and Types

There are 12 different types of lace. Highly regarded for all aspects of its properties such as refinement and breathability, it has been associated with sex appeal and beauty for centuries and is a common part of underwear.

07-25 -2023
Women's Bamboo Underwear | Sustainable Fabric For Panties

Bamboo fabric has multiple functions and is designed for seamless, breathable everyday wear. Explore our selection of women's bamboo viscose underwear and experience how sustainability is combined with excellent quality.

07-20 -2023
How To Choose The Fabric Of Custom Underwear

If you want your favorite underwear to last you longer, we will tell you which fabrics are best for your underwear and how to choose them correctly.

07-04 -2023
How To Measure Your Hips & Waist

Lingerie gauges can only do so much to help you find the right size. Knowing your size can help you better determine which size range you fall into and also allow you to tailor clothes to suit your unique body shape.

06-20 -2023
The Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Custom Underwear Manufacturers

Numerous clothing brands are actively adopting sustainable clothing manufacturing practices to obtain environmentally friendly clothing collections that meet consumer needs. As the market leader and manufacturer of the best custom underwear, we can best help you in this regard.

06-19 -2023
The Different Types Of BRAS – EXPLAINED!

Countless designs have appeared on the lingerie market, each offering its own unique style and advantages! Of the many different bra styles that can be worn under clothing, all have their own unique advantages and features.

06-18 -2023
The Different Types Of PANTIES – EXPLAINED!

There are a variety of underwear options on the market, and choosing the style that is right for you is all about personal preference and functional needs. This article is a complete guide to the different types of underwear you can purchase on our website.

05-31 -2023
Recycled PET Fabric (RPET) | Eco-friendly Materials Provide A New Direction For The Garment Industry

Recycled PET Fabric, which is called rPET, truly realizes waste utilization, and makes a great contribution to the cause of environmental protection. This material has been implemented in underwear applications. We are the source factory for underwear production. We can provide you with the lowest price environmentally friendly fabrics on the market to match your design and make your own environmentally friendly underwear.

09-05 -2022
How Much Do You Know About The 4 Secrets Of Girls' Underwear? Women Don't Necessarily Understand

Women are definitely a special group in the world. They have menstruation every month, but their bodies will not be damaged, they will become healthier, and they can reproduce offspring. Such a miraculous and great responsibility falls on women. body. A woman looks weak, but hides a huge energy.

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