A Must-see For Beginners - A Guide To Choosing Erotic Lingerie

2022-08-15 15:42

When it comes to erotic lingerie, many girls are curious but embarrassed to mention it, want to try but are afraid of the eyes of people around them. I don't know how to choose the erotic lingerie that suits me, and I don't know who the erotic lingerie is for.

black lace lingerie

  Today, let's talk about why we wear sexy lingerie and how to choose the sexy lace lingerie that suits you~

  wear for "me"

On a quiet night, choose and put on your favorite erotic lingerie. The sexy lingerie outlines your exquisite figure. Standing in front of the mirror, fully admiring his sexy and seductive appearance, and releasing an infinite charm in every gesture, the self in the mirror makes people feel both unfamiliar and familiar.

  This sexy and charming appearance is in stark contrast to the ordinary self in the daytime, and I can't help indulging in it.

  Maybe you never knew you had such a sexy side, but it is through a piece of erotic underwear that you can re-understand yourself and release the other self hidden in your heart, eager to be sexy, eager to show yourself boldly.

  Putting on sexy lingerie means breaking through your own boundaries, looking at yourself in the mirror and looking at yourself who are different from others in peacetime, inadvertently ignites your inner self-confidence and satisfaction, making people believe that there are still many unknowns waiting for you to explore.

  Erotic lingerie can be worn for yourself, in order to let yourself appreciate a different "me".

  wear for "love"

  If your "love life" is regular and unchanging, in the long run, the world of the two of you may become flat as water, without passion, and love is like a routine rather than a collision of passion.

  At this time, it is better to try wearing sexy underwear to bring a different kind of freshness to the "love life" of the two, and bring some exciting breakthroughs to the peaceful life.

  You can show your sexy and seductive side, playful and lovely side, gentle and intellectual side, cool and strong side... In short, to form a sharp contrast with your daily self, not only can it satisfy the visual appeal Enjoyment also stimulates the impulse of the brain.

  Until night comes, he won't know what kind of charm you show tonight and what role you play, and this unexpected unknown is the little known little love between you.

  sexy lingerie can be worn for "love", to make yourself enjoy a more perfect night.

sexy lace lingerie

How to choose sexy lingerie?

Pick an erotic lingerie that suits you and the mood of the moment, which can both highlight your personal charm and create a red-faced atmosphere.

According to the fabric. There are roughly 10 kinds of lingerie, such as mesh, lace, elastic knitting, velvet, swimming cloth, imitation silk, polyester cotton, chiffon, lycra and imitation leather. You can choose the erotic underwear of related fabrics according to the image you want to create. .

If you want to highlight the innocence and hazy feeling on your body, then mesh and chiffon are more suitable, showing a very graceful figure through the looming fabrics.

According to body shape. A person's body cannot be perfect. No matter who we are, we will be more or less confident in a certain body part of ourselves. Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, we should pay attention to promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and try to choose the ones that can highlight our body advantages. Erotic lingerie.

If you have slender and slender legs, then suspenders and corsets can maximize the sexy charm of long legs; if you have a white and beautiful back, you might as well choose a backless nightdress to attract his attention to his most perfect Back; if you have a sexy waist, it is more appropriate to choose sexy lingerie with a hollow design on the waist.

Each piece of erotic lingerie has its own unique charm. Rather than blindly pursuing naked designs, it is better to try more styles boldly, and slowly find the type of erotic lingerie that suits you best, and release your charm to the maximum.

In fact, erotic lingerie is just a tool. We wear it to find our self-confidence submerged in trivial daily life. We wear it to show our unique and unknown charm. We wear it to gain the freshness that we have never experienced to enhance The love between the two.

"Admiring yourself" is the ultimate reason why we should wear erotic lingerie.

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