What Is The Best Fabric For Women's Underwear

2022-08-12 15:43

As intimate clothing, underwear is also an item that needs to be worn for a long time. If the fabric material is not up to standard, discomfort is the second, and even more serious harm to health.

1. Pure cotton fabric

lace underwear

Pure cotton underwear fabrics should be the underwear fabrics that everyone is familiar with, and they have the highest market share. Because the raw material cotton is a pure natural plant, pure cotton underwear is both environmentally friendly and comfortable, and the elasticity index is also a lever drop. And it does not fluff when wearing, and it is lighter and smoother. The disadvantage is that the comfort is a bit worse than silk, lycra, and cotton, and the moisture absorption and air permeability are also a bit worse, and it feels stuffy to wear in summer.

Selection suggestion: The pure cotton material mentioned above is pure natural, so it is more suitable for little fairies with sensitive skin types. In addition, due to the characteristics of the fabric, most of the pure cotton underwear is designed without steel rings. Girls with small breasts can wear them with confidence, but girls with big breasts should choose carefully.

2. Lycra

Fiber Lycra is probably the most common underwear material besides cotton at present. It has a series of feel, elasticity, comfort and breathability. By the way, the welfare of patients with advanced lazy cancer is coming, this fabric can be machine washed. It can be said that Lycra is a fabric with basically no shortcomings, but the premise of using it is to blend it with other fabrics, because it does not have the conditions to be woven into a fabric by itself.

Selection suggestion: Because Lycra itself is elastic, comfortable and supportive, it makes the fabric have extraordinary resilience, so it is more suitable for sports underwear. At the same time, if the steel ring design is added on the basis of Lycra, the orthopedic effect of the underwear can be doubled, which is more suitable for little fairies with side breasts, external expansion and sagging breasts.

3. Lace fabric

lace panties

Lace  underwearfabrics usually refer to embroidered fabrics. Because of their exquisite luxury and romantic characteristics, when used as underwear fabrics, they can also add elegant and mysterious artistic effects to it. The biggest advantage of lace fabric is its appearance and comfort. The disadvantage is that it is easy to snag, and if inferior lace is used, the skin will also be pierced.

Selection suggestion: Underwear made of lace material has a sexy and romantic charm in itself, so it will be the best weapon for you to transform into a sexy stunner. It is most often used in triangle cup underwear, which is light and moderate, suitable for girls with small breasts.

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