Beware Of Three Taboos When Buying Sexy Lingerie

2022-09-01 16:00

Here are a few things to know when buying erotic lingerie :

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1. The choice of underwear depends on your body type

Although women are roughly the same size, there are always some differences between each individual. Such as different heights, shorts, fats and thins, different shoulder widths, different chest heights, different hip circumferences, different waist thicknesses, etc. Do you know how to choose sexy lingerie? Three taboos when buying sexy lingerie should be careful

Therefore, when choosing underwear, according to your body size. Underwear that is too big or too tight is uncomfortable and is not conducive to blood circulation in the body; underwear that is too large and too loose will lose its effect of modifying the beauty of women's lines. Especially for the purchase of refinished underwear, you should pay more attention to this.

2, pay attention to the color of fancy lingerie

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With the increase of people's concept of "beyond eight hours" especially in recent years, ladies have turned some underwear into outerwear. Colorful or elegant underwear adds a sense of leisure to family life, adds romance, and makes family life more harmonious and harmonious. But buying erotic lingerie should not only start from the perspective of bright colors, but should pay attention to the matching with outerwear.

Generally speaking, light-colored erotic lingerie is easy to match with a variety of colored outerwear, while brightly colored erotic lingerie has a certain limit. As a decorative underwear fabric, the color is cleverly matched, which can really highlight the charm of women's personality.

When buying, beware of the three taboos of erotic lace lingerie set

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1. Erotic lingerie should not be worn too tightly

Sexy lingerie  should not be worn too tightly. Women's vaginal opening, urethral opening, and anus are very close. If the underwear is worn too tightly, it is easy to have frequent friction with the vulva, anus, and urethral opening. However, this area The bacteria in the dirt (mostly anal and vaginal secretions) enter the vagina or urethra, causing infection of the urinary system or reproductive system. Do you know how to choose sexy lingerie? Three taboos when buying sexy lingerie should be careful

2. It is not advisable to wear dark underwear

Sexy underwear should not be worn too tightly. Because of women suffering from vaginitis and reproductive system tumors, the leucorrhea will appear cloudy, even red and yellow. These are signs of disease. If it can be detected early and treated in time, You can get better curative effect. If you wear dark or patterned underwear, it is impossible for the diseased leucorrhea to be detected in time, and it is likely to delay the disease.

3. It is not suitable to wear sexy underwear of chemical fiber

It is not suitable to wear sexy underwear of chemical fiber, although the price is relatively cheap, but the permeability and hygroscopicity are very poor, which is not conducive to the tissue metabolism of the perineum. The vulva is wet all day.

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