8 Erotic Lingerie That Tease Your Hormones

2022-07-29 16:49

What are the types of transparent lingerie?

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1. Cord panties: ultra-high panties with cords on both sides of the waist for tying. These panties are bold and hot, and are suitable for women of all shapes. What are the types of erotic lingerie 8 kinds of erotic lingerie tease your hormones and just untie one of the cords, it's exciting enough.

2. Lace panties: The material is mainly translucent, surrounded by lace piping, which is a typical representative of romantic "inner beauty". The pubic hair is looming, which is very visually provocative, and it is also a pleasure to touch it directly.

3. Crotchless pants: This kind of underwear happens to be empty between the two strands. If you wear a miniskirt to go out, it can be scary enough. This is a stunned and hot design.

4. Stockings with open crotch: There is a large opening between the two strands so that the panties can be touched without hindrance.

5. Garter elastic band: Imagine a woman putting one leg on a chair, that kind of sultry demeanor can fascinate all beings.

6. Upper and lower cover type: Made of red silk fabric, it looks very energetic, wearing it on the body, the skin is more delicate. The top is simple, with a small bow and wide lace at the waist; the bottom is crafted in a miniskirt style, light and dexterous.

7. Tuxedo style: natural waist, generous style is its main feature. With short oil, the lace on the cuffs is flared, the skirt has a radian, and the chest seems to be exposed but not exposed, as if it is about to talk, it has both coat style and underwear. What are the types of erotic lingerie 8 kinds of erotic lingerie tease your hormones

8. Wrinkle type: It is mostly matched with milky white silk and pure white lace. It has a waist, a large skirt, and a good drape. The lace decorates the skirt in the form of folds, which is elegant and generous, and makes the girl look like an angel.

The role of wearing sexy lingerie

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1. I believe that everyone who has come here knows this kind of underwear. When a woman wears sexy underwear, it will greatly stimulate the male hormones in men and make men lustful.

2. The vaguely sexy beauty and sexy underwear are always lace, carved, hollow, transparent or translucent. The purpose is to create a dazzling feeling, so that women are obsessed with their own bodies, and men are imaginative and excited, and they must be taken off. Then fast.

3. For men, a woman who is completely naked is far less sexy than a woman wearing sexy underwear. The basic reason for how sexy underwear can improve the quality of sexual life may be that human beings have a desire to welcome the sexual organs that are too close to the excretory organs. The ambivalence of refusal, coupled with cultural constraints, makes people feel ashamed easily.

4. In addition, the most powerful thing is to let men in a peek mentality satisfy the overall shape imagination brought about by a faintly visible black cloud within Kuai Xiaobu. What are the types of erotic lingerie? 8 kinds of erotic lingerie tease your hormones. Sexy lingerie is the most private and intimate gift that men give to women. When men choose this gift for their partner, they also send their sexual fantasies as an added value. He chooses the style that excites him the most, hoping that in the end the gift will return to his sexual satisfaction.

Pay attention to the following points when wearing sexy underwear

1. Don’t simply pursue black

Black lingerie is really hot and sexy, but think about your hair color and hairstyle before buying. If your hair is black, consider buying a fuchsia underwear; if your hair is dyed reddish or yellowish, consider a pale pink underwear. Short hair can buy bright colored underwear, long hair recommend dark color.

2. Underwear and body should be coordinated

If the bust is relatively small, it is best to choose a 1/4 cup, which will make your breasts stand up and expose the nipples. If you have large breasts, choose an unlined bra that draws in your cleavage so your breasts don't sag. What are the types of erotic lingerie 8 kinds of erotic lingerie tease your hormones

3. Pay attention to details

Exquisiteness can represent taste. Never buy some cheap and rough underwear, which will make you extremely uncomfortable. Be optimistic about the details, don't break it just after you put it on.

4. Try garter belts

If you don't know what it is, look it up online. Here's a new erotic lingerie that makes your waist look thinner and your hips more curvaceous.

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